Tuesday, January 31, 2012


Literally, an RAK is a Random Act of Kindness.  In the scrapbooking world, it has come to be synonymous with "prize," usually awarded to the winner of a challenge.  But, really, is that a random act of kindness?  I think not.  The following will describe to you what a real RAK is to me:

First, I would like to show you a card that was submitted by Heidi (pronounced Hey-De) to the gallery of the well-known international scrapbooking website Let's Scrap a few weeks ago.  

As a member of the Let's Scrap Design Team, I am in the site gallery almost every day commenting on the submissions.  Here's what I had to say about Heidi's card when it was published:

"What an incredible piece of art, Heidi...more so even than a great card.  You can often "feel" a card, full of emotion and sentiment.  But, this one, I want to reach out and touch to "feel" the texture!  You have masterfully represented your country in the elements you have chosen.  Awesome feathers!  ;-)"
Well, today, in the mail--all the way from South Africa, I received the original card from Heidi!  This would have been enough in itself to be an RAK, but inside, here's what I found:

These are turkey feathers, guinea fowl feathers, and porcupine quills along with some skeleton leaves--all now very hot scrapbooking and cardmaking add-on's, especially in vintage-themed creations.  That, my dear friends, in an RAK!

Thank you, Heidi--and cheers to my good friends who actually read my blog.  If you did, leave me a comment so I will know you were here....and don't forget:

THE LET'S SCRAP LEAP AROUND THE WORLD BLOG HOP starts tomorrow!!  Look for details right here on my blog at about 11:00am Eastern Standard Time!


  1. Kay, I cannot think of any other person in the world who would deserve RAK more than you!

  2. RAK's are awesome when actually "random"...in the scrapping world, as well as the real world!!!

    Oh...and I read your blog daily!! :)

  3. Thanks for visiting me Kay. Corinthians 13 is special isn't it. Glad it inspired you. What a lovely gift you received in the mail, feathers! Surprise packages are THE best. I had a surprise package hand delivered to me today by a dear friend. So exciting. ~ Abby

  4. Kay you so deserve a RAK you have been so kind to me since becoming a follower of my blog. I'm trying to build my blog followers and you have helped me toward that goal. Thanks you.

  5. Wow! This RAK is great and you deserve it Kay, you´re a RAK yourself for everyone :)

  6. What an awesome RAK!! You deserve it though, you work so hard for all of us on Let's Scrap!

  7. I totally agree with you, THAT was a RAK! And its such a nice thing to give and/or receive. The card made me think the same thing, you just wanted to reach out and touch it.

  8. that's so awesome! nice one. i like this one. you better keep posting.. thanks!
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  9. Kaye, you are one of the most kind ladies I have met since my jump into blog land. I can totally understand why you received such a wonderful gift!