Monday, March 26, 2012


The Design Team (DT) for the next term, April 1 through July 31, 2012, has been announced at Let's Scrap!  Following is the list of those talented scrapbook artists who will inspire us over the next 4 months.  By clicking on an individual's name, you will be taken to their blogs--where "inside secrets" are sometimes known to be shared!  You can also see the details of their Let's Scrap DT posts.  Please visit each of their blogs and sign up to be a follower!  Tell them "Kay sent me"!  

Congratulations to each of the new DT members!

Michelle van Wyk    
Denise van Deventer          
Judy Rakes                    
Jennifer Russell             
Shirley Bergsma                             
Kristine Ponte                    
Eniko DeLisle                     
Asmah Zainal Abidin          
Laura Alberts                  
Valerie Thorpe                    
Cathy van der Bruinhorst
Mindi Brown                   
Elizna Parsons 


Saturday, March 17, 2012


I just couldn't pass up sharing a bit of the green with you on such a day as this!  However, rather than share a layout of my creation, I want to share one made by Kristine Ponte, another member of the Let's Scrap family of artists.  Kristine created this layout for the Let's Scrap month-long color challenge.  The challenge has several components (put together by Design Team member Elizna Parsons), but, the focus is on creating a monochromatic layout!  How appropriate that this one is all about green.  

Below is Kristine's layout.  I will direct you to Kristine's blog for the detail.  I hope you will visit her there, join as a follower, and leave a comment telling Kristine "Kay sent me!"  

Enjoy your day!  REMEMBER, if you will be drinking, your ride home should be with your "designated driver" (a member of the group who abstains from alcohol in order to drive the others safely)! I want to see you back here tomorrow!!

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Wednesday, March 14, 2012


Wednesday is always the big reveal on the Let's Scrap website!  The new sketch challenge of the week is posted along with "inspiration" layouts (or cards) created by the Let's Scrap Design Team (DT).  This week is especially great because all of the DT's are at the top of their game and their creations are exceptional!  Be sure to check out the site--right after you check out this blog!

Usually, I show you the sketch and then show you my layout or card.  This week, I will reverse that because I have made some significant changes in both the sketch and one of the photos to accommodate the orientation and size of my photos.

Meet the Gosky Family!  It was actually Molly's senior photo shoot, but Mom decided to take advantage of the opportunity to have the family photographed, as well!

The left half of the sketch as been rotated 90 degrees to the right to accommodate the landscape photos--necessary to accommodate a family of 6!!  Even with this sketch, I had to cut the focal photo on the right into 3 "slices."

You can now more easily see the "liberties" I took in adapting the sketch:

And, now, each side alone so that you can see the detail:

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Monday, March 12, 2012


Every once in a while, you come across a photo that you just need to stop and scrap purely for the joy of doing so.  This is one of those photos!  My BFF Edie sent me this photo in an e-mail this morning.  While I have other, more pressing things to do today, I immediately printed off this photo of Will in his Nana's new glasses.  I can only wonder what Will thought when he looked through the lenses!  ;-)

Back Wednesday with the big reveal on Let's Scrap!

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Saturday, March 10, 2012

This is the last month of my Design Team (DT) assignment on the Let's Scrap website, and things have been so busy lately with Cathy's January LOAD (layout a day) challenge, Mindi's February LEAP Around the World Blog Hop, and now Elizna's special month-long layout challenge!  Besides all this, we also have biweekly tutorials from Roulin, Sue, Cathy, Susanna, Elizna and now Erica--with two more to come from Jeanues and Sue!  Let's Scrap is obviously the place to be to be inspired.  Do come join us!

Next week, on March 14, Let's Scrap will have the weekly reveal of the new sketch and, as inspiration, the layouts created by members of the DT will be showcased!  I finished my layout today!  Surprisingly, I seem to be getting back into creating two-page layouts!

Most times, when families are separated by divorce, one loses touch with in-laws.  I have been blessed to remain at least friends, if not family, with some very special people.  My niece (by a former marriage) Julie for one!  It is Julie's family photo shoot last Fall that is the focus of my DT layout for next week.  I cannot yet share my layout with you, but, if you won't tell anyone, I will share some sneak peeks!

Be sure to check out Let's Scrap on Wednesday next week to catch the whole layout.  In the meantime, leave a comment to let me know you were here--and because it makes me happy!


Tuesday, March 6, 2012


Yesterday was a literal blur of taking more than 100 photos of my two-page layout, and, finally, I lost the sun.  Today didn't prove to be any more cooperative, but am posting the best of the less-than-perfect photos!

The inspiration for the monochromatic layout challenge on Let's Scrap were the beautiful turquoise blue eyes of this little lady and her "white" nana.  (Karen is called "White Nana" because her hair is a beautiful white--and because "Red Nana" has red hair.  The logic of children never ceases to amaze me!)  This picture was taken on the occasion of Karen's son Greg's marriage to my daughter Michelle.  Kendall was Michelle and Greg's beautiful flower girl.

Here is the two-page layout created from this and four other photos of Kendall:

I did post some detail (teaser) shots of this layout last Sunday, but will post a few of those and an additional one showing the journaling today.  (I did take a bit of artist's liberty in my genetics lesson!)

And here is the journaling:

This journaling will be especially meaningful to Kendall, for her white nana died last November.  Having her "Nana's Eyes" means she will always carry a part of her nana with her.

Sunday, March 4, 2012


Yesterday, I promised to post the details about the new Let's Scrap website challenge for the month of March.  Yes!  It's a month-long challenge!  You can create one or as many layouts as you have the time and inclination to do, but each must follow a monochromatic (having or appearing to have only one color) theme.  This challenge is hosted by one of the Design Team members, Elizna Parsons.  Elizna has chosen to use blue for her beautiful layout, but we are actually free to chose any color for our layout(s).  During succeeding weeks, Elizna will suggest additional colors, but, again, it's only a suggestion.  Elizna has also provided us with a sketch to follow--which she designed just for this challenge.  Here's her sketch:

And here is the layout she created as an example of her challenge:

One of the great things about the Let's Scrap sketch website is that the sketches are provided for inspiration!  We, as the creative artists, are free to follow the sketch exactly, to make some changes to accommodate the photos with which we are working, or to rotate, flip or even reverse either or both sides of the sketch.  My suggestion here is to use the sketch as you see it.  I followed the sketch almost exactly and, while it was a lot of work manipulating my photos, in the end, it was worth every moment invested.  Additional directions to complete this challenge are to use a stamp somewhere on your layout and to include a handmade embellishment--handmade by YOU, that is!  For all the details, you can check out Elizna's post in the Let's Scrap Forum under "March Month Long Challenge."  If you are not a member of the Let's Scrap website, it's free, easy and quick to join, just go here.

Now, just a tease from me!  I have completed the challenge.  I will be posting the two-page layout in the Let's Scrap Gallery tomorrow, after photographing it outside in the bright light.  In the meantime, here are a few sneak peeks:

OK, I promise I will be back tomorrow for "the big reveal" of MY NANA'S EYES.  Don't miss it!  In the meantime, please leave a comment to let me know you were here--and because it makes me feel good!


Saturday, March 3, 2012


Please check the Let's Scrap website for a complete list of winners!

Just to refresh your memory, here is the Let's Scrap sketch I showcased:

And, my blog challenge winner is (drum roll here, please.........) MINDI BROWN!!!  Here is Mindi's submission:

A dramatic replication of the sketch...virtually literal!  I would hope that you will check out Mindi's blog and become a follower, if you have not already done so through this blog hop!  Mindi is a young scrapper with lots of savvy, style and spunk!  You will find family, funk and freshness (interpret that anyway you like!) in Mindi's creations.

Thanks to everyone who visited my blog during this hugely successful hop, with over 1200 cards and layouts submitted using 50 different sketches!  If you are looking for inspiration, you need look no further than the Let's Scrap Gallery!!

Tomorrow, I will post information on the month-long March layout challenge hosted by Elizna Parsons!


Thursday, March 1, 2012


Winners to be announced on or before March 3!  Watch for a list of all 50 winners on the Let's Scrap website.  As soon as that list is published, I will announce the winner of MY blog challenge right here!  If it's YOU, please contact me through the Let's Scrap website with your mailing address!  

A big THANK YOU and GOOD LUCK to each of you who took the challenge!