Tuesday, March 6, 2012


Yesterday was a literal blur of taking more than 100 photos of my two-page layout, and, finally, I lost the sun.  Today didn't prove to be any more cooperative, but am posting the best of the less-than-perfect photos!

The inspiration for the monochromatic layout challenge on Let's Scrap were the beautiful turquoise blue eyes of this little lady and her "white" nana.  (Karen is called "White Nana" because her hair is a beautiful white--and because "Red Nana" has red hair.  The logic of children never ceases to amaze me!)  This picture was taken on the occasion of Karen's son Greg's marriage to my daughter Michelle.  Kendall was Michelle and Greg's beautiful flower girl.

Here is the two-page layout created from this and four other photos of Kendall:

I did post some detail (teaser) shots of this layout last Sunday, but will post a few of those and an additional one showing the journaling today.  (I did take a bit of artist's liberty in my genetics lesson!)

And here is the journaling:

This journaling will be especially meaningful to Kendall, for her white nana died last November.  Having her "Nana's Eyes" means she will always carry a part of her nana with her.


  1. This is so wonderful Kay! I can really see the love you put into it. So sad that white nana passed, but she will have this wonderful keepsake, and the eyes, forever. Just absolutely stunning! Mwah!

  2. Gorgeous Kay! Such a precious memory and such a beautiful LO.

  3. Love it.. wow.. I was just about to do my layout with the rolls of paper sideways too ...!!! and then I see yours .. LOL.. great minds think alike.. Great job..

  4. Beautiful monochromatic layout with such special meaning to it.

  5. Absolutely stunning layout Kay, I love the way you rolled the papers for the embellishment and the papers are beautiful. Great job on the monochromatic challenge.

  6. Wonderful Layout, I am so happy you came and visited my Blog and became a follower. Love to you, you have a lovely blog and some very beautiful work. xxx