Friday, January 20, 2012


Hope everyone is having a productive January!  Things over at Let's Scrap, where I serve on the Design Team (DT), have been hopping busy!  Speaking of "hopping," let me first remind you that beginning February 1, Let's Scrap is serving up a blog hop involving 50 host blogs!!!  This will be such a fun time (being coordinated by DT member Mindi) for all who become involved.  You will have the opportunity to create 50 unique cards--which should replenish your supply of cards for this year!  You will also have the opportunity to win free stuff!  Check back in a few days, when I will post all the details here for you.

For now, I have been working on my DT creations, as well as participating in the January LOAD (LayOut A Day) challenge, coordinated by Cathy, another member of the DT on Let's Scrap.  I am falling dreadfully behind, but hope this weekend will allow me the opportunity to catch up!

In the meantime, let me show you the Let's Scrap card sketch (created by Sketch Artist DebbyD) for this week, with my two interpretations of this challenge.
Still working through my "vintage" stage, I took that route and came up with an invitation, although it might not appear so from the outside:

Inside it reads, ". . . but I *do* do lunch and would like you to join me!"

Many fellow Let's Scrap members don't make a lot of cards, so just skip doing anything on the third Wednesdays when the card sketches come out.  Other members, perhaps with more of a "vision," look at a card sketch and can see it as a layout sketch and off they go to their scrap tables.  This week, that happened to me!  One of my favorite photos of all time was given to me by Lorie, a dear friend of my daughter Michelle.  In fact, if I remember correctly, the photo may actually have been taken by my daughter!  Here's the photo of Lorie and her son Maddox.  If you enlarge the photo by clicking on it, you will see that Maddox has picked a dandelion and is closely examining its intricacies.  

I didn't start out with the idea of making this a monochromatic layout, but it turned out to be one--all about shades of black and white.  Before you check it out, take just a moment to scroll back up to the card sketch.  Now look at the layout with the card sketch in mind:

So, next time you look at a card sketch and think you don't want to bother making a card, take a second look and just imagine it as a layout sketch.  You just might create something magical!

Cheers to you, my friend!  Please join as a follower if you have not already done so (it's easy and near the top right), then leave a comment because it makes me feel REALLY good!  ;-)



  1. Kay both your creations with this weeks sketch are amazing. I love the vintage invitation and the sentiment inside is just to cute.
    The layout is stunning. What a precious photo and I love how you left it monochromatic it just makes the layout all the more beautiful. Good for you for being able to change the card sketch into a layout. I am always amazing when members are able to do that.

  2. Great work Kay ! Love that card and the layout with it's picture is priceless !

  3. Love both your card and your LO. Both such great takes on the sketch! Thanks for 'praising' my sketch and motivating people to look different at sketches.
    That photo of Maddox is so pretty!
    Kay, thanks for being such a wonderful DT member, you know that means a lot to both Betty Anne and myself!

  4. I just love that picture! You have certainly treated it simply and beautifully! HUGS

  5. Kate, I just love your interpretation of the sketch! I'm so glad I was able to leave a comment via Google Chrome!

  6. Just checking to see if there was any problem leaving a comment.

  7. just checking to see if I can leave you a comment Kay

  8. Hi Kay, what a great sketch, but even better is the precious photograph of your daughter and grandson. Thanks for visiting my blog. ~ Abby