Sunday, October 2, 2011


It's late on a Sunday night, but I am so excited about a project that I just completed. This week's Design Team Challenge on Let's Scrap was posted by Teresa and she got me motivated! Check out her challenge details here. Basically, she challenged us to think outside the box (our scrapping comfort zone) and create something for the home.

A few years ago, I bought what I call a "card box" from my Stampin' Up representative (thank you, Marilyn), decorated it with an ocean motif and kept in it cards that I made. When I was in a hurry for a card, I could always reach for that box, knowing that I would find something handmade for just the occasion! Over the years, however, I had tired of the box. Teresa's recipe box, created from a box much like mine, inspired me to strip the box I had (yep, still on a buying freeze) and recover it with something I love--vintage!

Here's the result (front and center and before the "bling" was added):

The top contains an embellishment (envelope with wings) from Enmarc Crafts, a scrapbooking distributer from South Africa, which I have come to love:

The back:

Another side:

And the front again, after adding the bling!!

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  1. I love the vintage feel to the box you made Kay, and all the little tags and embellishments are perfect for it. What a wonderful place to keep all your cards.

  2. Kay, I want this box! I am going to have to steal...err...borrow this idea! Like Betty Anne said it is a perfect place for tags and embellishments, I just LOVE it!

  3. I love what you did here with this box and I know that you will be inspired to fill it up again for all of your card needs! I am so loving the vintage look of these cool elements. My box is pretty simple in comparison to what I have done in the past. I sometimes put ribbons on the handle, however, I find that they get messy over time when you are using them for a recipe box. I love Betty Anne's idea of using it to store little tags and embellies too...that would be a great idea for my desk...hmmm...that gets me to thinking... Thanks so much again for your great take on the "mission" really cracked me up with your comment about being a sinner if you don't win the prize!!! I hope you do win!

  4. Love the details, it is a gorgeous box!

  5. great details in the photos Kay...I thought those were studs around the lid, but now I see it's bling! That paper is so beautiful...good for you in cutting into it!

  6. Kay, this is just stunning!!! The vintage feel you've achieved it beautiful!!!