Saturday, September 24, 2011


One of the fun things about scrapbooking websites is that they often give away free gifts, donated by sponsors, for your participation in their challenges. It is on just such a website, Let's Scrap, that I was the random winner of a challenge! I won an extremely generous prize donated by Enmarc Crafts, a South African scrapbooking supply manufacturer. I was pleased to find a myriad of delicate wooden embellishments just perfect for a birthday card for my son, as he turns 40 this month.

A bit of history is needed here. Many, many years ago, when my son and daughter and I made our home together, things at home could get a bit messy over time. I was a busy working mother, Bryan had graduated from high school and had his first job, while my daughter was still in high school, a typical teenager.

One Friday, the mess even got a bit much for me, so my plan was to spend the weekend with the major focus on housecleaning! That Friday evening, I opened the door to our home, knowing what would face me. To my astonishment, the house was immaculate! Totally! Hanging from a ceiling beam in the living room was a sign handwritten by my son Bryan: FIXED BY CAMEL. The sign made reference to a children's book, often read to my son as a youngster, about character building in children. One of the characters was named Camel, and he went about fixing things in the neighborhood that needed attention. You will now understand the reference to CAMEL in this very special 40th birthday card for my son:

The inside of the card:

My stamp on the back:

With great thanks to Let's Scrap and Enmarc Crafts, and with the greatest affection, admiration and gratitude to my son!

Thanks for sharing this poignant moment with me!


  1. Love the card Kay. The ribbon and Enmarc items are perfect for it and I loved hearing the story behind it. I know they would love to see what you did with their products over on the Enmarc site

  2. It was a great pleasure to sponsor Let's Scrap. Hope you enjoy all the goodies!!
    Happy scrapping!!

    The link to Enmarc's website is not working!! :-)