Thursday, May 3, 2012


Working with The Past

My husband's sister recently gave my husband a photo of their mother taken on May 11, 1958.  That's almost 54 years ago, and most definitely deserving of a vintage background and similar ephemera to showcase it.  

I have chosen a card sketch from the Let's Scrap sketch site for my inspiration.  It can sometimes be difficult to convert a card sketch to a layout because of the amount of "white space" that remains.  However, in this instance, it was exactly what I wanted.  The original photo was *so* small that all my attempts to enlarge it were fraught with blur.  I knew that I would be forced to use no larger than a 3x4 photo.  If I had created a very busy page, the small photo would have become lost.  Using this white space to my advantage allowed the small photo to remain the focal point!  

First, let me introduce you to Florence Harriet Berry Wallace, always know as Harriet (I just love that she used her middle name, as I do)!  She is on the far right, pictured here with her six siblings.

Next, let me share the sketch with you, created by Debby de Wilde, card sketch artist and part owner (along with Betty Anne Orr) of the Let's Scrap website:

One of the super things about the Let's Scrap website is that the sketches provided are for inspiration.  You can duplicate them exactly as shown, rotate them, flip them, reverse them or just see where they lead you as the artist.  You will see all the elements of this sketch--two ribbons, a bird, a ticket, and a photo (I will admit to omitting the clouds)--in my layout, but you will also notice that some have been moved!  First, the detail:

And, now, the finished layout:

This is the perfect time to visit the Let's Scrap website!  They are celebrating INSM (Inter)National Scrapbooking Month.  There are sketches, challenges, games and prizes!  Did I say PRIZES???  Come join almost 4,000 other scrappers and cardmakers from all around the world!  Quick and easy to join, and, it's free!

Thanks for stopping by!  Please do take a moment to leave a message, as it makes me feel that all this is worthwhile!



  1. Amazing heritage layout Kay. I have such a hard time working with papers that have pre-printed designs on them but you have made it work beautifully.

  2. Kay,
    Awesome layout of my mom and her brothers and sisters. I love it.

  3. beautiful layout and pix kay you did a wonderful job just beautiful!

  4. Beautiful layout Kay! love how the bird in flight is carrying the heart! xx

  5. Good Morning Kay! what a great way to start my day with this gorgeous layout !

  6. Beautiful way to s t r e t c h the card sketch to fit your layout, Kay....and what a lovely outcome! A treasure for your albums.

  7. I love the way you broke down the elements of the card sketch, regrouped them, and made them work for you. Betty Anne is right, the paper choice is perfect! I loved seeing Russ leave you a has actually inspired me to honor Jim's mom in a similar way. I have something else in mind for Asmah's "Motherhood" challenge, but I'll fit it in somehow. Lovely layout Kay! (Six!)

  8. Awesome Kay!!!!! I love how you used this card sketch for a LO!
    Thank you so much for all your sweet words, but trust me: Let's Scrap would not be the fun place it is if it wasn't for members (DT's) like you! [hugs]

  9. This is stunning Kay! I just love your style and I am going to take a shot at it with Eniko's challenge! Imitation is flattery :) Thank you for sharing this!