Tuesday, July 7, 2009



For our wedding scrapbooking business, it’s BIG business to know which colors are hot, and which are not! It’s equally important to know what’s going to be hot next year. There are so many companies getting paid astronomical amounts of money to predict—and I wonder if they do not then DIRECT—which colors we will be wearing next season, which color cars we will be ordering, and, yes, even which colors we will be using to decorate our homes. These decisions then filter down to which colors are going to be available in the papers, embellishments, inks and other creative supplies we will be using to create our scrapbook layouts!

Basic cardstock (the solid color papers we use in scrapbooking) will always be available in some shade or other of all colors. It gets a bit more trendy when we begin to look at the patterned paper (sometimes called designer paper) that we use. I can tell you that I was very surprised to see orange come up on the color palate of trendy colors for 2009. But come spring this year, orange was hot! From wedding floral centerpieces to the clothes we are wearing, it is literally everywhere. Other “in” colors that will serve us throughout the summer and into fall are greens and island blues.

If my “artist” side were to pick a fun job for me, I would be the person who names Crayola Crayons! If you think that would be easy, check out this "Crayola Quizzer." The point? Mostly, we do get to be the person who chooses the colors for the layouts we create. And they can be anything you like! I have had a lifelong affair with blues (only because my older sister had already chosen green, so that was not available to me). I would have to go back and check my personal layouts, but my guess is that I would find that there is blue in every one. Maybe not the primary color in each one, but in there, somewhere!

Early during my foray into scrapbooking, I purchased what's called a color wheel. This wheel is made from two circular layers of heavy paper, one rotating on a center pin over the top of the other. There are windows in the top layer that show the colors below. To use the color wheel in selecting colors for your layout, you rotate the top layer until the color you want to use shows in the key color window. Colors now showing in the remaining windows will suggest both complimentary and triadic color partners. This wheel is useful only for making suggestions; remember, the decision is yours as the artist!

Now, I did say "mostly" we get to pick the color scheme. There are times when we are nudged to create in a color pleasing to someone else. In creating a wedding album, I use the colors that appeal to the bride. In another case, I might choose purple only because the dominant color in the focal photo in my layout is purple--and I just can't escape it. Some of my layouts are even monochromatic! Here's one I created in response to a forum challenge on About.com (Scrapbooking). It's all in shades of pink with minimal accent colors. This has ended up being one of my favorite layouts. Now, I will contradict myself and tell you that sometimes it's actually fun to create outside of your crayon box. Try it!

OK, ready for a hot tip? According to Decorator Secrets, in addition to lavender and aqua, here's what's going to be hot in 2010:

Going Green

Green is not only the environmental word of the day, it’s also a color trend for the year. Moss green in particular is making an appearance in many of the upscale home magazines taking the place of the kelly and lime greens of yesteryear. Don’t even think of toning it down to the sage green of the 90’s, that was SO last decade.

Going Gray

Slate and charcoal grays are the new neutrals. Browns and beige are slip sliding away and going gray. From pewter to ash – place a cool gray with almost any color for a hot pairing.

Hope you have enjoyed the spin on my color wheel. I look forward to seeing more "followers" and to your comments!


  1. What a great article! You never cease to inspire me! And it seems you've done quite a bit of research here - very impressive.

    I can't wait until we can scrap together again!

  2. I so agree with Michelle when she said, "You never cease to inspire me!". You really amaze me my friend.

  3. Thanks Kay, I have certainly learned a couple of things about colors from that. I had never heard of triadic. I think I will have to get a hold of one on those color wheels. Choosing colors is what takes me the most time in a layout.